About Us

Honorary Presidents

  • Lord Rowallan
  • John Smith
  • Jim Murdoch
  • George McFadzean
  • Jim McFadzean
  • Tom Paterson
  • Tom Smith
  • Jim Miller
  • Colin Shepherd
  • John Montgomerie
  • Matt Auld

Honorary Member

  • Janet Smith
  • Douglas Shanks


  • Andrew Currans, Cauldhame Bungalow, Stewarton. KA3 5HU

Vice President

  • Andy Mair, Muirfield House, Littlemill Road, Drongan. KA6 7EN


  • Jean McFadzean, 8 Four Acres Drive, Kilmaurs. KA3 2ND

Ladies Secretary

  • Louise Smith, Bottoms Farm, Stewarton. KA3 3ED

Horse & Pony Secretary

  • Susan Mitchell, Kirklee, 9 Kilmarnock Road, Kilmaurs, Ayrshire, KA3 2RA
    Tel. (01563) 535110


  • Fiona Dykes, 48 Benbecula Road, Kilmarnock, KA3 2LB


Ian Smith, George Templeton, Jamie McFadzean, John Hogarth, Jimmie Bennett, Craig Kirkwood, John Shepherd, James Shepherd, Jim Kirkwood, John Currie, Ross Henderson, Ian Cuthbertson, Hugh Montgomerie, Alan Kirkwood, Colin Cuthbertson, Alan Borland, David Wilson, Allan Auld, Dave McFadzean, Andy Smith, David Smith, Jim Shanks, Andy Mair, Stuart Muirhead, David Murray, Andrew Wilson

Young Farmers' Committee

Donald Erskine, Laura Scott

Ladies' Committee

Mary Smith, Sheila McFadzean, Fiona Dykes, Trish Scott, Jean Cuthbertson, Katie Barr, Zoe Wilson, Fiona Auld, Lizzie Smith, Alison Wilson, Louise Smith, Vickie Shepherd, Emma Lindsay, Janice Shepherd, Jill Currans, Joanne Currans

Veterinary Surgeons

  • McKenzie, Bryson & Marshall, 21 Hill St, Kilmarnock.


  1. All animals exhibited must be bona fide property of the exhibitor and must be in his possession either 6 weeks before or after the Show, or forfeit all prize money.
  2. Bulls must be secured with a ring or screw in the nose, with a chain or rope attached.
  3. The exhibits entered by members of the Kilmaurs Young Farmers Club must be the property of the farm where entered.
  4. All exhibitors shall pay £2 entry money in all classes except where otherwise stated, and all who are not members shall also pay £1 membership.
  5. The Secretary will receive entries on the field.  No stock to leave the Show Ground until after the Parade, otherwise all prizemoney won in competition will be withheld.
  6. Any artificial device or contrivance of any description found on any animal either for preventing flow of milk, or any other purpose, will disqualify that animal from being awarded a prize.  Neither collodian nor any other adhesive matter to be used in the dressing of animals.  This rule will be strictly adhered to.
  7. Any person protesting must lodge a protest in writing with the Secretary, together with a deposit of £10.  Protests must be lodged on the Ground on the day of the Show.  The decision of the Committee shall be binding on all parties and their decision shall not be subject to any process of the law.
  8. The Society will not be responsible for any loss; damage or accident from any causes whatever during the Show.