A cattle passport must accompany all cattle born or imported on or after 1st July 1996.

Please be aware that as of 1st June 2015 all cattle being shown must be from a BVD negative herd or be blood tested clear of the disease. Pre entry would be greatly appreciated as we have to check every animal.


RING 1 Judging 10.30am prompt


  1. Best Two Year Old or Three Year Old Quey in Milk.
    1st – The Busbie Mains Trophy, Prizemoney sponsored by Feed Link Solutions
    1st £20, 2nd £12, 3rd £8
  2. Best Quey in Calf, to Calve before 1st August 2019.
  3. Best Dairy Cow in Milk (any age).
    Prizemoney sponsored by W Smith Engineering, Bottoms, Stewarton.
    1st £20, 2nd £12, 3rd £8
  4. Best Dairy Cow in Calf (any age) to calve before 1st August 2019.
    Prizemoney sponsored by Almins.
  5. Best Pair of Cows or Queys.
    Prizemoney sponsored by H.L.M. Cattle Services.
  6. Best Calf Born on or after 1st November 2018.
    This class may be split on the day depending on entries.
  7. To be shown by boy or girl not more than 15 years of age.
    1st The Southhook Perpetual Cup.
  8. Confined to Members of Kilmaurs YFC any animal not shown in above classes.
  9. Best Group of Three. Drum of Teat Dip donated by Dairyflow Ltd


  1. Best Female Bred and Reared by Exhibitor Confined to Kilmaurs Parish and
    Barony. 1st - £25 Scotmin Voucher donated by SCOTMIN.
  2. Best Friesian or Holstein-Friesian Type Cow or Quey in Calf or Milk, Bred and Reared by Exhibitor.
    1st Chapman & Frearson Ltd. Challenge Cup and £25 Scotmin Voucher donated by SCOTMIN.
  3. Best Friesian or Holstein-Friesian Type Animal.
    1st Kirkwood Perpetual Cup.
    Champion £10 and Reserve £8. £50 Semen Voucher from Genus ABS.


  1. Best Calf Born on or after 1st November 2018. To be shown by boy or girl not more than 15 years of age.
    1st Bag of Milk Powder donated by Jack Lamb – Agricultural Merchants
    1st Towerlands Perpetual Cup
  2. Best Animal of the Ayrshire Breed
    1st Perpetual Challenge by Messers R Howie and Sons Ltd. Champion £10 and Reserve £8


  1. Best Bullock born before 1st August 2018. 2 x Bags of Harbro Feed.
  2. Best Heifer born before 1st August 2017. 2 x Bags of Harbro Feed.
  3. Best Calf born after 1st August 2018.
  4. Best Crossbred Beef Animal in Show. Champion £10 and Reserve £8.
  5. Best Purebred Male or Female - any breed.


  1. Best Beef Animal in Show. 1st Southhook Challenge Trophy and Champion £25. Reserve £5 – kindly sponsored by Quest Farm Supplies.
  2. Best Calf in Show.  (Ayrshire, Friesian Type and Beef 1st & 2nd prizewinners only to Parade.
    1st Newlands Cup and 1 x bag of Milk Powder donated by Carrs Billington.
    Champion £25. Reserve £5. £50 Semen Voucher from Genus ABS.
  3. Milk Record Class.  Heifer having given 7000Kgs, or Cow (2nd calver onwards) having given 8000Kgs in any 305 day lactation.  Certificates to be produced on the day of the show.
    1st - 20 litres oil donated by Campbell Fuel Oils.
  4. Best Dairy Animal in Show.  (Ayrshire, Any Other Breed and Friesian or Holstein-Friesian)
    Champions and Reserves only to parade.
    1st Hallbarns Perpetual Cup
    Champion £100 sponsored by John Smith and sons.


For most points in classes 1 to 8 and 12 and 14 to 18 Three points for 1st, two points for 2nd, one point for 3rd.


Immediately following Judging in Ring No 1 after Championships